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What is The Chamber of Commerce

Magherafelt Chamber of Commerce (MC) is a membership organisation, existing to represent & promote the interests of its member businesses in Magherafelt.

Magherafelt Chamber of Commerce are seeking new members to join and be part of a dynamic structured organisation.

Benefits include:

  • Networking Opportunities
  • Representation and lobbying
  • Access to key town business contacts

Key benefits of joining Magherafelt Chamber of Commerce are:

  • Lobbying relevant business issues within Magherafelt Town Centre.
  • Promotion of Magherafelt Town Centre, locally and nationally.
  • Improving the quality of Magherafelt as a regional destination.
  • Opportunity to convey relevant town centre concerns.
  • Recent achievements of Magherafelt Chamber of Commerce.
  • Help secure funding for the regeneration of Queen Street
  • Instrumental in lobbying for two hour waiting for on street parking.
  • Instrumental in lobbying transport NI minister to secure funding for the new Magherafelt By Pass.
  • Worked with Magherafelt District council and DSD to secure funding for the shop front revitalisation in Rainey Street.


Who are your Chamber representatives.

The Chamber of Commerce is a very representative body of local business people from Magherafelt.

We have just had our AGM on the 24th of June in the Bridewell.

The officers elected are as follows

President: Mr James McCabe. Jimmy has an extensive background in the banking sector and has great knowledge on the retail sector.

Treasurer: Mr John Barefoot. John is a very well know accountant on Broad Street and brings great knowledge to the committee on finances.

Temporary Secretary: Pat Cassidy. Pat has years of knowledge with the Civil service, Construction, Voluntary and the IT sector.


Board Members

Paul Stewart.
Paul is managing director of award winning JC Stewart Foodhall. Paul brings a wealth of experience in the food sector and is a highly influential member of NIRTA.

Anne Gribben.
Anne is a past secretary of Magherafelt Chamber of Commerce and is a director with Burns & Co Commercial in Magherafelt. Anne has a great understanding of the property market, valuations and sales in the wider Magherafelt area.

Ian Henry.
Ian is a past president of the Magherafelt Chamber of Commerce and is a director in Henry Brothers in Magherafelt. Ian has brought years of experience to the chamber and his company is a major contributor to employment in the area.

Henry McGlone.
Henry is also a past president of the Chamber of Commerce and has joined the board for the 2015 / 2016 term. Henry is a Director in the well known Mary’s Bar and the Secrets night Club. Henry brings years of experience on the hospitality sector to the chamber.

Paul Clarke.
Paul is a director of Sizzlers Restaurant in Magherafelt and brings valuable experience and knowledge on entertainment and dining to the Chamber of Commerce.

Dr Jack Keatley.
Dr Keatley brings years of wisdom and stability to the Chamber of Commerce. He is also a Trustee representative in Magherafelt and has been a long standing stalwart in the Magherafelt community.

John Keatley.
John has also been a member of the Chamber since its reformation and brings years of experience on the construction sector and has built many a family home in Magherafelt.

Kenny Bradley.
Kenny is one of the youngest members of the Chamber and has brought a great understanding of the retail sector to the Chamber. He is director of Kenny’s on the Moneymore Road.

Sarah Jane Knox.
Sarah Jane is owner and director of Sarah Jane Boutique. She brings a wealth of experience in Fashion, Phone sector, Accountancy and banking to the Chamber. Sarah Jane shares the Secretary’s position with Pat.