Superconnected cities Broadband

The Government Department of Culture, Media and Sport are issuing Broadband Connection Vouchers to qualifying SME businesses in 22 cities across the UK including Belfast and Derry/Londonderry.

Bluebox Broadband are upgrading their equipment to deliver Winmax Broadband to deliver speeds of up to 90Mb download to SMEs as the voucher scheme rolls out across all council areas. Depending on location super fast download speeds can be enjoyed by using traditional wireless or dedicated microwave.

Under the scheme, SME organisations are entitled to claim £3,000 to cover the installation of a Superfast Broadband service to improve and enhance the way they do business. As long as the new service delivers a significant step change to the current speed, the SME will receive a grant of £3000. The SME is responsible for the VAT on the invoice but the £3,000 fee does not have to be paid back.

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